Once your teeth are not tender anymore, you can start your normal diet. However, for the whole duration of your treatment, you must avoid hard, crunchy, chewy, sugary and sticky food that can break your braces!


DO NOT eat:
•Mars bars, Cherry Ripes, Snickers, Crunchie, Toblerones
•Minties, Mentos
•Toffees, Fantales, Red Skins
•Muesli bars, Nougat
•Roll Ups, chewy Lollies
•Bubble Gums
•PORK CRACKLING is a definite No No!

AVOID drinks that contain sugar and acid such as:
•Soft drinks and diet soft drinks
•Fruit juices
•Energy drinks, sports drinks
•Ice teas, cordials
•Flavoured milk

We do not advise that you drink anything containing sugar. However if you choose to drink these, please use a straw and rinse your mouth with water straight away.

CUT UP foods that are hard, crunchy, or have hard centers, into small bite-size pieces and chew with your back teeth:
•Fresh fruits and vegetables: apples, pears, carrots, corn
•Stone fruits: plums, peaches
•Meat on bones: chicken wings, drumsticks, ribs, steaks

•Bread crust and pizza crust
•Crunchy and hard cereals
•Hard biscuits

STOP bad habits such as:
•Biting and chewing your fingernails
•Chewing on pens or pencils
•Chewing ice
•Pulling drink bottle caps with your teeth